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Here, you'll find various pictures of me, people I've worked with, and places I've been, enjoy!

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officially tenured! (with my parents at Valparaiso University opening convocation, August 2015)

winning the Mark R. Schwehn Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award at Valpo's 2015 Greek Life Awards

giving a talk in Notre Dame's "Math for Everyone" lecture series, November 2016

receiving the 2021-22 Valparaiso University Excellence in Teaching Award, December 2021

giving a keynote talk at the 18th annual Texas Undergraduate Mathematics Conference, October 2023

Indiana MAA Section chair term, 2018-2019

with Fall 2018 Indiana Section keynote speakers Emilie Purvine and Jacqueline Jensen-Vallin at Hanover College

with Spring 2019 Indiana Section keynote speakers Alissa Crans, Manda Riehl, and Deanna Haunsperger at University of Indianapolis

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2014 Alder award

giving my Alder award address at Mathfest 2014

giving my Alder award address at Mathfest 2014

Alder certificate

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Ph.D. Graduation

officially "dr. pudwell"


being hooded

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brother, me, dad, and mom, Christmas 2011

family reunion (dad's side)/grandma's birthday, summer 2010

family reunion (mom's side), summer 2016

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Undergraduate Research Groups

Academic year group, 2009-2010

VERUM REU group, summer 2010

Academic year group, 2010-2011

VERUM REU group, summer 2011

Academic year group, 2011-2012

VERUM REU group, summer 2012

Academic year group, 2012-2013

MSEED research student, summer 2013

VERUM REU group, summer 2014

VERUM REU group, summer 2015

Academic year group, 2015-2016

Academic year group, 2017-2018

VERUM REU group, summer 2018

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International Travels

Hungary -- Fall 2002

Anonymous statue (City Park, Budapest)

Elsewhere in Budapest

Austria -- August 2002

at Schonbrunn with friends (Vienna)

Romania -- September 2002

with other BSMers at the royal castle in Sinia

Czech Republic -- October 2002

me and Prague

Poland -- November 2002

me & friends @ Wawel castle in Krakow

Canada -- May 2003

me and my college roommate at Niagara Falls

me and a mountie =)

Mexico -- June 2003

quality hammock time @ Isla Mujeres

me and Mayan ruins at Tulum

Czech Republic -- July 2005

exploring the streets of Prague with REU students

in the Czech countryside

Hungary -- August 2005

with friends on the Chain Bridge

me and Elizabeth Bridge

Iceland -- June 2006

at gullfoss (golden falls) in southwest Iceland

Czech Republic -- July 2006

me and a chateau in hlubok√° nad vltavou, czech republic

out and about with my 2006 REU students

Scotland-- June 2007

at the north sea (east cost of Scotland)

cathedral ruins in St. Andrews

Czech Republic -- July 2007

climbing praded (in northeast, czech republic, near poland)

Hungary -- August 2007

somewhere in Budapest's castle district (there are enough pictures of bridges from other years ;-) )

Croatia -- August 2007

somewhere in zagreb

Slovenia -- August 2007

at the top of the castle in ljubljana

New Zealand -- June 2008

at the top of the world's steepest street! (in dunedin)

climbing a massive sand dune on the pacific ocean... in the winter

at the top of larnach castle

scenery doesn't come any more amazing than this...


Canada -- June 2009

3 provinces visited, 7 to go...

Italy -- July 2009

enjoying the view of Florence from Piazza Michelangelo

at a certain famous leaning tower...

on the ramparts of Lucca

England -- May 2011

with a very large clock...

Scotland -- June 2012

Stirling Castle

Canada -- March 2012


France -- July 2013

Eiffel Tower

one of the commuter trains in Paris is named "LARA"!

Notre Dame Cathedral

Canada -- October 2014

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

at the New Brunswick/Nova Scotia province border

view of the Atlantic Ocean from Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia

England -- June 2015

Tower Bridge, London

Canada -- July 2016

Lake Louise, Banff, Alberta

Iceland -- June 2017

Reykjavik harbor

at the rift between the North American and Eurasian continental plates

Switzerland -- June 2019


at Rhine Falls, in northeast Switzerland

Germany -- March 2023

at the 13th century Dagstuhl castle

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