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My Mathematical Genealogy

Lara Pudwell's (Ph.D., Rutgers University, 2008) thesis advisor was

Doron Zeilberger (Ph.D., Weizmann Institute,1976); Zeilberger's thesis advisor was

Harry Dym (Ph.D, MIT, 1965); Dym's thesis advisor was

Henry P. McKean (Ph.D., Princeton, 1955); McKean's thesis advisor was

William Feller (Ph.D., Gottingen, 1926); Feller's thesis advisor was

Richard Courant (Ph.D., Gottingen, 1910); Courant's thesis advisor was

David Hilbert (Ph.D.,Konisberg, 1885).

You can trace your own mathematical genealogy (or those of other mathematicians you know) at The Mathematics Genealogy Project.