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Welcome to my website!

I am an Associate Professor of Mathematics and Statistics at Valparaiso University.

Contact Info

Address: Department of Mathematics & Statistics
Gellersen Center
1900 Chapel Drive
Valparaiso, IN 46383
Office Telephone Number: 219-464-5414
Office: Gellersen Center 222
E-Mail Address: Lara (dot) Pudwell (at) valpo (dot) edu

Curriculum Vita

(last updated December 16, 2019)

Spring 2020 Schedule

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:00-9:50         meetings (usually)
10:00-10:20 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~chapel break~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
10:30-11:20 Math 266   Math 266   Math 266
11:30-12:20 office hours   office hours Wente seminar office hours
1:30-2:20 Math 220 A   Math 220 A office hours (2-2:45pm) Math 220 A
2:30-3:20 Math 220 B   Math 220 B Math 496 (3-4pm) Math 220 B
3:30-4:20 meetings (sometimes)       math colloquium

Current news: (3/30/20)

Spring travels -- mathematical and otherwise -- kept me entertained for the first half of the semester. In January, I attended the Joint Mathematics Meetings in Denver, Colorado, where I talked in the AMS Special Session on Experimental and Computer Assisted Mathematics. In March, I gave seminar talks at Hofstra University and Rutgers University, and just in time. My spring break escape of mathematics, Broadway shows, and friends was a refreshing change of pace! It also got me back home safely about a week before coronavirus changed culture dramatically for foreseeable future.

For Spring 2020, I'm teaching Transitions in Mathematics (1 section) and Discrete Mathematics (2 sections). I'm also excited to participate in Valparaiso's Wente Seminar on Faith and Pedagogy throughout the semester. The mid-semester switch to distance learning is... an adventure to say the least.

I had been really looking forward to hosting Eighteenth International Conference on Permutation Patterns at Valparaiso this summer. While an in-person conference is no longer an option, I'm making plans to host a virtual Permutation Patterns workshop instead.

Even further out, I'm currently slated to give two talks at Mathfest 2020 in Philadelphia in late July/early August. And for Fall 2020, I'm looking forward to teaching Discrete Math and Combinatorics!

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