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Welcome to my website!

I am an Associate Professor of Mathematics and Statistics at Valparaiso University.

Contact Info

Address: Department of Mathematics & Statistics
Gellersen Center
1900 Chapel Drive
Valparaiso, IN 46383
Office Telephone Number: 219-464-5414
Office: Gellersen Center 222
E-Mail Address: Lara (dot) Pudwell (at) valpo (dot) edu

Curriculum Vita

(last updated November 4, 2020)

Fall 2020 Schedule

Note: All my Fall 2020 classes and all my Fall 2020 office hours are being held virtually.

  • If you are in one of my classes, follow the link in blackboard to connect to office hours.
  • If you are not in one of my classes, email me to find a mutually-agreeable meeting time.
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:50-10:10 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~chapel break~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
10:20-11:10 Math 421   Math 421 Math 260 B Math 421
11:30-12:10 Math 220   Math 220 office hours Math 220
12:40-1:30 office hours   office hours office hours
1:50-2:40 meetings (usually)   Math 260 D
4:10-5:00         math colloquium

Current news: (7/26/20)

Summer roundup...

May: Right after spring semester finals ended, I was delighted to serve as the opening keynote speaker for the Valparaiso Symposium on Undergraduate Research and Creative Expression, which took place virtually for the first time. You can see my talk here.

June: I had been really looking forward to hosting Eighteenth International Conference on Permutation Patterns at Valparaiso this summer. When it became clear that an in-person international conference was no longer an option, I revamped plans to host a virtual Permutation Patterns workshop instead. 175 participants registered (more than double the previous record of any in-person conference in the nearly two-decade conference series!), and participants logged in for synchronous sessions from 13 different timezones spread across five continents. Although I'd still rather an in-person meeting, it was a joy to connect with researchers for live conversation, both with friends from past conference years and with new attendees! Although the future remains unclear, here's to hoping for an in-person 2021 meeting...

July: I returned to MathPath for my second year as a breakout instructor. I had questions about how a summer math camp for middle school students would work virtually, but in the end it was incredibly energizing! Over the course of two weeks I taught live classes on Catalan numbers, proof by story, generating functions, and counting permutations. There were regularly moments when two-thirds of the students had their virtual hands up at once to volunteer contributions to class discussion and they were so full of detail-oriented questions and observations throughout. I was blown away by just how much of a sense of community the camp staff was able to generate despite the remote setup, and it gives me hope for just how thrilling virtual learning can be with an engaged audience.

Otherwise, like everyone else, I'm waiting to see when life is less virtual and more in-person again. Fall semester at Valparaiso will involve a mix of in-person (with distancing restrictions), online, and hybrid instruction. I'll be teaching Math 421 (Combinatorics 1), Math 220 (Discrete Math) and two sections of Math 260 (Linear Systems and Matrices) all in a virtual environment. Perhaps e-teaching 11-14-year-olds for July was the best possible professional development option this summer leading into this new setup for fall? We'll see!

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