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MATH 253: Calculus III (On-Line)

Introductory Web Page

(Summer II, 2011; Mon 6/27 - Fri 8/5)

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This web page is a brief introduction to the on-line version of Math 253 (Calculus III) that is offered during the second summer session of 2011. Use this page to find out about

First, here is the golden rule of on-line courses:  This course is taught completely on-line. Since all of our interaction is electronic, there is an inherent requirement that you are familiar with the technology we need to use - your PC, the internet, your scanner, and image handling via Word or PDF files. If you are unwilling or unable to learn to use this technology in the required manner, you should not enroll in this course.

The couse begins on Monday, June 27, 2011.  Once the first day of the course comes around, we will start off at full speed, and not having course material by then will not be acceptable reasons for late work.  In fact, you can expect your first assignment to be due that very first day; it will not be a "math" assignment, but instead an assignment that will demonstrate that you are completely set up and ready with your technology.

This course will be run through the on-line courseware system Blackboard . All students taking this course have been or will be assigned a Valpo e-mail account firstname.lastname@valpo.edu and correspoding username and password for logging on. That username and password are also used to log on to Blacckboard and the web based e-mail server Groupwise .


This class is intended for those who excelled in Calc I and II and are ready for the challenge of completing a  heavy Calc III courseload at an accelerated pace.  We cover most of the topics that are included in a "regular" Calc III course, so if you're expecting "Calc III Lite", please move along, there's nothing for you to see here.  

You should NOT enroll in this course if:
You have the potential to do well in this course if:


Obviously you already have a web browser if you are reading this page. In order to do the work in this course, you will also need the following resources - please obtain them as soon as possible if you do not have them already.


This course wll be offered at the same pace as a "normal" 6-week summer session course. That means the course material will come at you almost three times as fast as in a regular 16-week course during the fall or spring semester. In a regular semester, Calc III meets for 4 lectures per week. Consequently, you should plan on putting a lot of time into this course. Six-week summer sessions are always intense, and this one may be be even more so because you will be completely self-directed and self-motivated to keep up the pace. I would suggest that you consider how many hours per week  you put into your last math course (class time and out of class time combined), multiply that by at least three, then add another 3-4 hours due to the self-directed nature of this course - this will give you an idea of how many hours per week you can expect to devote to this course.  

Each week we cover several topics.  For each topic, there will be an on-line quiz based on problem sets, and a final written assignment.  The class week starts on Monday.  The on-line quizzes (3-4 per week) are generally due each day from Wednesday through Friday or Saturday; this forces you to begin work early in the week and not save it all for the weekend.  Written (scanned) work and computing exercises for all topics in the week are usually due by 9am on the following Monday.   

Your exposure to each subject / section will have several ''phases" associated with it.


Good luck! Let me know if you have any questions.