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Numerous essays on film published in The Cresset: A Review of Literature, Arts, and Public Affairs,Valparaiso,  IN, 1987-1993 

    Articles include the following: 

    "Cinema, Cities, and Democracy," May 1993 
    "Followinâ Spikeâs X-Ample: Black Filmmakers in Hollywood," 
             January 1993 
    "Film and Politics," September 1992 
    "Womenâs Work: Film and Feminism," March 1992 
    "Conflicting Images," December 1991 
    "Conspicuous Compassion," October 1991 
    "The Art of Watching: Pauline Kael and Cinema Paradiso," 
              May 1991 
    "American Dreams," March 1991 
    "Video Vietnam," January 1991 
    "The Taming of the New," November 1990 
    "Reel Realism," March 1990 
    "Championship Defense," January 1990 
    "Cinevision," November 1989 
    "Looking for America," September 1989 
    "Culture and Art, Entertainment and Enrichment," April 1989 
    "Meryl Streep: Tigerâs Heart in a Womanâs Hide," February 1989 
    "Moving Images," December 1988 
    "Post-Graduate Study in Film," October 1988 
    "The Commodity of Comedy," May 1988 
    "Film and the Novel: The Writer in Hollywood," March 1988 
    "Film and the Novel: Film versus Novel," January  1988 
    "Film and the Novel: Film as Literature," December 1987 



Numerous articles of film criticism published in Utah Daily Chronicle and Canyon Times newspapers, Salt Lake City, UT, 1982-84 

    Films reviewed include the following: 

    Terms of Endearment 
    Cross Creek 
    Fanny and Alexander 
    The Big Chill 
    Under Fire 
    Strange Invaders 
    Rumble Fish 
    Valley Girl 
    Never Cry Wolf 
    Risky Business 
    The Right Stuff 
    The Dead Zone 
    Baby, Itâs You 


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